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You are the type of soul-fuelled business babe who knows exactly what you are passionate about. You, my dear, have been brave and bold enough to launch your service and I take my business-loving hat off to you!

However… you have pinpointed your passion and found something you are truly GREAT at, but having to wear all the hats in your business is officially intimidating!  Being solely responsible for the marketing, sales, website, blogging, paying bills AND serving your clients has you overwhelmed. You’re freaking out and don’t want your business is spiralling out of your control.

Serving your clients comes so naturally, however some days this business gig feels WAY. TOO. HARD. 

Yes, you have your times when you’re on a serious roll. And then there are the frustratingly lonely times when you’re clean out of ideas and inspiration and you don’t know where to turn. Going it solo was never how business looked in your future vision and you’re ready for someone to take you by the hand and help you sort out this mess. You need help to streamline your business-baby and harness what you’re great at so you can build a team to create an abundance of money, freedom and happiness.

I hear you gorgeous! Lets see if my personal style of talent strategy, business love and inner-nurturing will be the guidance you need to help you call in your unique version of success.

Tani Beister

Talent Frequency Quiz BannerOnce you know which one of the four Talent Frequencies you are, you will then also be able to make use of my other free
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Before we kick on, let’s take a moment to gather some clarity.


Talent Profile

Talent Profile

You are born with a set of natural Talents, which are tendencies you channel automatically. When you and I work together I will tune into your natural Talent Frequency and then your Talent Profile. We can then tap into the unique strategy to create your personal success and fulfilment.



Passions are not something you are born with. Your Passions are dictated by your conditioning – the things you are exposed to as you grow up, go to work or hang out with your tribe. Passions will evolve as you grow and change throughout your life.

Life Purpose

Life Purpose

This is where your Talent Profile and Passions meet. You were sent here to live, achieve and contribute to the planet in a particular way that is unique to you. Discovering your Talent Profile gives insight into how you will express your Purpose, no matter what your Passions are.

Your work is to discover your work and
then with all your heart to give yourself to it.

— Buddha —

Hi, I'm Tani


And do not be mistaken my dear, they are not the same thing at all! There is a unique way you will walk your path to success and fulfilment and I would be honoured to guide the way. I provide you with my intuitive business insight partnered with an abundance of practical guidance to give you the momentum you’ve been seeking in your business. Click my pic to find out more about me.

Intuitive Insight + Practical Guidance 
for soul-fuelled business babes


'Business Intuitive'

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Here are some of the beautiful clients I’ve worked with 

Client  Client    Client  Client  Client  Client

These clients have had a Talent Profiling reading to reveal their natural Talent Profile. We talk strengths, passions, ultimate Goals and areas of work they need to delegate. They become clear on their Talent Collective, which is who they need on their team to take their business to the next level. This allows them to operate in their natural Flow and for their business to prosper due to everyone doing the roles they are most talented at.

From my client's perspective

  • REVIE JANE // Alchemist Profile

    I can’t say I have felt this motivated and into something in a little while now! My Talent Profiling session with the incredibly in tune Tani Beister affirmed with me that I am creator profile – an Alchemist! Something that yes I already had a pretty good idea I was, but it was the action plan and strategies Tani and I brainstormed over that really made the Goals of mine come to life! And give me DIRECTION and ACTION on where to go to from here. Something I was really struggling to do on my own.

    Most of all I feel clarity. My goals are clearer, the path I’m going to take is clearer, basically I knew where I wanted to go but didn’t know how exactly to get there. I can’t recommend taking a Talent Profiling session with Tani enough! Especially if you are venturing into a business, role or new goal in life! Tani helped me understand where my strengths are and allowed me to feel comfortable and be accepting of my weaknesses.

    Thank you Tani for your guidance today, I am so excited for my dreams right now I don’t even want to sleep!

    — —
  • ANGIE RYDER // Champion Profile 

    I absolutely loved the Talent Profiling session with you. I walked out of there feeling like a huge weight had been lifted! Above everything else, this session brought to my attention how ‘conditioned’ I had become to what success is meant to look like. Thankfully, we figured out what success is to me and what I love most!

    I am young, educated and determined to establish my career early in life. I feel very lucky discovering my profile with you Tani as I now, can focus on what I’m good at & what makes me happy.

    I’m looking forward to achieving the steps in our strategy session and ultimately getting ‘that job’!

    — —
  • MONIQUE KRAUSE // Examiner Profile 

    The concept of personality profiles was not new to me, yet the profiling with you Tani was entirely something else!  It was surprising how you were able to pinpoint exactly why I do what I do, even better than I understood myself. You had the tools to understand why I was feeling blockages in my job/career, then surprisingly you helped me see my way through my job situation. It feels like you lifted a weight off me!  I just know I will be better in my job and enjoy it more too since the revelations through your profiling. Indebted.

    — —
  • RUTH JONES // Peacemaker Profile 

    I found the whole experience with Tani very quick + easy. This refreshingly simple + practical approach doesn’t take loads of training or interpretation + Tani ensures you walk away with a very clear picture of who you are naturally + a plan to fulfill on what you want. She also provides for guidance on how to formulate a team to help you achieve your best results.

    This work can easily be applied to individuals or businesses of any size, so matter what your situation I recommend you talk to Tani now to discover what is possible for you and/or your business.

    — —
  • DIANNE ALLEN // Examiner Profile 

    Thank you for choosing me to be your first Talent Profiling client. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of discovering my natural Talent Profile. Your explanation and questions have given me food for thought. I often thought my personality was a bit full on at work, but I now know that in a business they need people like me, to get the job done. It has also enabled me to understand the other profiles and their places in the team.

    With your coaching I have been able to broaden my search of work, as I see my Talent Profile suits into a plethora of placements.

    — —
  • CAROLYN SMITH // Cultivator Profile 

    I always heard people say that if you find a job that you love you will never work a day in your life! But how do you know what you want to do? What your life purpose is?? Well this is what I got out of the profile report and strategy session with Tani! Insight into who I am and where my natural ‘flow’ occurs in work and life. It’s inspired me to seek out different opportunities and be true to myself with choices I make, thanks Tani, I found it extremely valuable and I look forward to following up with you.

    — —
  • MEKARLA JONES // Peacemaker Profile

    Wow I can’t thank you enough for helping me understand why I am like I am and now being able to move forward and work on my business and make it successful. I would love to recommend your services to anyone that I cross needing the help that you gave me or is just feeling lost!

    — —
  • FAIZAH BALDONADO // Champion Profile

    Seriously Tani THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel so relieved, grateful, excited and inspired after my Profiling Session. I’ve discovered so much more about my self and you helped me to reconnect with my vision and my purpose! You made the strategy session on my business fun and simple – it was just what I needed to get to get out of my head and in Flow. The benefits have gone beyond my business to every aspect of my life and I can’t thank you enough!

    Your Profiling Session really shows that all you need to be happy and successful is to ‘be yourself’!

    Tani, your work is such a gift and I’ll be recommending you to my own clients and anyone serious about thriving in business and in life.

    — —
  • DARCI COLE // Liberator Profile 

    I had an amazing Talent Profiling session today with Tani Beister. Having no expectations, I was amazed at finding these gaps in D’Yoga I hardly knew existed. Running a small business is fun but there are, of course, parts of it that I really don’t enjoy doing (keeping track of financials, invoices especially) which are currently piling up.

    During the two hour session, Tani helped me discover how I can become so much more in my Flow with D’yoga. For someone who feels fairly in Flow already (pushing the paperwork under the rug kind of Flow) I was excited to find some really clear and concise ways of making this work for me.

    To find your Flow is what its all about. This girl can certainly help you find yours. Wicked session Tani.

    — —

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I’m on the right track baby, I was born
this way.

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My offerings to you...

If you are seeking fulfilment and direction in your soulful business
I recommend the following selection of services



Take the Talent Frequency Quiz to discover which one of the four Talent Frequencies you naturally vibrate with in business. The 19-page Guidebook gives you insight into your specific Talent Frequency’s natural genius, strengths and weaknesses. It also covers aligned strategies for outsourcing, blogging, productivity and more.

What you get

  • FREE Talent Frequency Quiz
  • Guidebook to your Talent Frequency
  • BONUS productivity templates



These sessions will give you access to a new level of clarity, productivity and fulfilment in your business. Session One is a Talent Profile Reading (you’ll be one of eight Talent Profiles) and gives insight into your Purpose and the way you naturally get results. Session Two works on integrating your Talent Profile, to draw sustainable success to your business.

The details

  • Session 1: Talent Profile Reading
  • Session 2: Integrating Your Profile
  • Guidebook to your Talent Profile



Inspiration, guidance, support or accountability – whatever you need on your individual business journey will be provided in this choose-your-own-adventure style solution. I intuitively mentor with a mix of inspired action, cleansing your blockages and calling in success. You have been asking for this, so give yourself permission to be supported.

The details

  • 9 topic-specific sessions
  • Intuitive business guidance
  • Pre-req: Express-My-Purpose Pack

Babe, if have some questions… don’t hold onto them!
Send me a message and we’ll see if what I offer is the right fit for you.

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